How Laden was caught

July 26 2011

The “One drop of life” of the Pulse Polio movement proved to be fatal for Al Qaeda’s Laden. A British newspaper has recently reported this. All that the CIA knew was that someone important from the Al Qaeda lived in Abottabad, but didn’t know who it was. A known doctor Shakeel Afridi, who lives in an area in the Khyber Pass on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border was given a big funding by the American agencies. The doctor went there with his nurses and tried to find out more through phone via the Pulse Polio movement but failed. The doctor’s nurses then started home visits on the pretext of Hepatitis-B. In the focus came Laden’s most trusted bodyguard-cum-courier. Laden lived on the top floor and the courier lived on the ground floor with his wife and child. The courier came to the medical centre with his wife and child, and the nurses came to his with the excuse of vaccination. They didn’t see Laden but noticed the SUVs parked there and the security arrangements. What followed was a green signal to Operation Laden.

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