This is how the Congress won

May 15 2011

In keeping with the local tradition, the Congress is considered to be party of emmigrant in Assam while the BJP-AGP is said to be those having local people. But the way the AIDUF made an entry in these elections (the BJP allegedly spent a big sum of money on it), it was considered a matter of danger by local Hindu and Assamese Muslims and at the last moment, they went with the Congress. ULFA’s Arvind Rajkhova camp also openly supported the Congress, because they felt that the Congress had kept its promise of releasing their leader Rajkhova. Another disadvantage for the BJP was the abundance of prabharis. The party made Varun Gandhi do a lot of campaigning but he didn’t have much say when it came to tickets. Those who did have a say couldn’t see eye-to-eye where the voter was concerned.

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