Air Indian in doldrums

July 03 2011

Air India is in as bad a shape as it can be. The staff hasn’t been paid for two months, although most are working at half their salaries and this month, they will be paid only 30 per cent of it. Most senior pilots have already quit the airlines. Currently, nearly 110 captains are leaving Air Indian and joining IndiGo. The Cabinet has been given a proposal that the airlines should be given Rs 800 crore relief package. And what does the Aviation Minister Vyalar Ravi have to say in such a scenario? Sources reveal that his priority is to direct as many flights as he can to Kerala. Now the minister has given a new order that the flights to Lucknow, Delhi and Patna be cancelled and those to Kottayam be started. When Prafful Patel was the aviation minister, his sole attention was on how to get maximum profits for private operators, and the new minister wastes most of his time in the company of trade union leaders.

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