Amar in a new avatar

August 05 2013

Amar Singh is ready to come forward in his new political avatar. In the past few days, his closeness with Sonia and Rahul has increased. Diggy Raja has a big role to play in Amar’s closeness to the Gandhi family. This means that after the Lok Sabha elections, in the post-poll alliance days with regional parties, Amar Singh may play a significant role. Amar is good friends with local satraps such as Mamata Banerjee, Jayalalithaa, Karunanidhi and Navin Patnaik. So, after elections, he may bring these regional parties on the Congress side. In the past, when Amar Singh was ready to come back after his treatment in a private hospital in Dubai, his old friend Anil Ambani sent his special private chartered plane to Dubai to bring Amar Singh back to Delhi. But instead of Ambani’s plane, Amar Singh had returned on the plane of one his sheikh friends. When we was in Dubai, Sonia Gandhi called him up and asked him how he was doing.

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