Too many fingers in the pie

May 19 2010

In Jharkhand, BJP missed installing its member as Chief Minister by a whisker. Actually, the BJP leaders were unable to arrive on any name by consensus. There were as many caps as camps. While Rajnath Singh was openly supporting Munda’s name, BJP’s entire Bania lobby was rooting for Raghuvar Das. In such a scenario, there was no one to take the name of the prime contender Yashwant Sinha, except for Advani, who firmly stood behind him. Sinha who had raised the slogan of `Our own Government, own CM’ was the one who did not allow the formation of a Government. His argument was that this would be a corrupt Government and it would tarnish the image of BJP and there was also no guarantee on how long the JMM would support a BJP-led Government. So in the fight between the monkeys, the wily political cat of Soren ran away with the opportunity.

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