Mr Ahluvalia

March 22 2011

Opposition leader in the Rajya Sabha S S Ahluvalia gets excited easily and when he does, it’s tough for him to control what he says. When the Upper House was being convened by P J Kurian, Ahluvalia locked horns with Kurian about adjourning the house and use some words that were not only in bad taste but also unparliamentary. Kurian was so upset that he had decided to render his resignation. When the vice president got wind of this, we called for an all party meeting and he privilege motion was almost agreed upon. SP’s Ramgopal and RJD’s Rajneeti Prasad also took Ahluvalia’s case and he was left on the backfoot, and had to render an apology to Kurian. Kurian was then persuaded to not resign and S S breathed a sigh of relief – and so did the BJP.

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