The big noise in Uttarakhand

May 26 2013

The Congress chaos just seems to increase in Uttarakhand. The new controversy is regarding the party president in the state. The chief minister from the state has put two names forward and wants the high command to accept one of the two. The two names he has given are Hira Singh Bist and Health Minister Surendra Singh Negi. On the other hand, the camp against the chief minister, that is Harish Rawat camp, has given the names of Pradip Tamta and Mahendra Mehra. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi takes special interest in the Congress matters in Uttarakhand. So it depends on him whether he gives preference to Bahuguna or Harish Rawat camp. But he is said to be upset about the Congress’ performance during the municipality elections, but neither is he happy with Harish Rawat’s aggressive stand. So it is just possible that the Congress’ command in the state may go in the hands of another leader. Rahul Gandhi wants a leader who can take the Congress out of its present chaos, because according to the recent public surveys, it seems the Congress may lose five of its seats.

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