The EVM question

November 06 2011

After a recent report by USA’s Nasa and Department of Energy, which says the electronic voting machine (EVM) can be hacked, the BJP may again start its record on the EVM issue. Advani’s Jan Chetna Yatra may well have been a flop, but several of his ideas and questions have been a hit. Advani has also been constantly raising the question of reliability of EVMs. That’s because the BJP is still looking at Chidambaram’s win with suspicion. And because Chidambaram’s win at the last moment is still pending in the court, so the party is also not sure about the recounting of EVMs. The BJP leaders have always been saying in hushed tones that the EVMs had a big role to play in the Congress win in 2009 elections with 206 seats. Several other big and small parties have been talking about the EVM’s reliability. So the politics of EVMs may heat up in the days to come.

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