Israel or Iran, who is Hindustan with?

March 18 2012

The case of the sticker bomb on the car of an Israeli embassy’s officer’s car is heating up it’s a case of snake and mongoose for India. Israel has expressed worry that about the eight Iranians suspected in the blast case that was supplied to India and a red corner notice had been released for them, have run away to Tehran. How did they manage this, even though they did not have an emigration clearance? They are eight bachelors, all students. The journalist who has been arrested in the case did not have a major role to play in the blast. Naturally, the entire episode has impacted India-Israel relations. We have got a lot of assistance from Israel in the fields of security, intelligence and technology. For instance, the US didn’t show interest in sharing intelligence and technological know-how about aircraft such as the Drona, that didn’t need humans. But Israel easily shared the information with India. But the UPA government in the centre doesn’t want that the Iranians suspects to get punished on its soil. Because then they run the danger of upsetting the Muslims. Indian intelligence agencies had a big role to play in getting the suspects to Tehran.

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