Why is the government protecting those accused?

November 27 2011

The list may already have opened up a Pandora’s box of allegations and counter allegations, but the government is shying away from making public the names of those on the list. Actually, it doesn’t matter what the reason is but the excuses the government is giving about it are nothing short of naïve. The Indian government says that there is double taxation treaty between India and France, and so we can’t make the names of the people public. What no one can understand is what does this double taxation has to do with the names of Indians who have accounts in Swiss banks. For, this money hasn’t been earned by working or doing business in France and neither does any of the 792 Indian have any business dealings with France. This money belongs to India, which is languishing in foreign banks to evade taxation. The Indian government has argued that under double taxation treats only those names can be made public who will have cases against them. Only the Manmohan Singh government knows why it is so interested in protecting these people.

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