Saffron for common man

October 05 2009

The adage of `once bitten twice shy’ holds true. Having got a drubbing in the Lok Sabha elections, BJP not only changed its strategy in the Assembly elections, but the party is also paying attention to the minutest of details in weaving a new election policy. In the Lok Sabha election the saffron party was so deeply immersed in the self aggrandizement of Advani that it did not even shy from launching a personal attack on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. But in the ongoing Assembly elections the most prominent person on the saffron party’s agenda has been the common man. So, the party’s conduct and behaviour is clearly showing how much it is really concerned about the ordinary man. So the saffron party is worried about rising prices which are spiraling out of control, rising unemployment, and the pain and agony of the farmers. And this time the saffron party is in particular very concerned that as in the Lok Sabha election a Varun Gandhi should not be allowed to hijack the basic agenda of the party as a waving flag of radical Hindutva can without reason prove to be a cause of concern for the party.

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