Anand Sharma isn’t at peace

September 13 2011

The foreign ministry is upset with Anand Sharma and so is the ministry’s head, S M Krishna. They have complains that Anand Sharma interferes in the ministry’s territory at times. But this is one of Sharma’s old habits – for several years he has been sending concised notes to Sonia Gandhi pertaining to the foreign policy, the activities of neighbouring countries, and significant international issues. He continued with the habit when Sonia Gandhi was away in the US for her treatment. Sonia may not have been able to go through the notes, but Krishna has read the intentions behind the same – that Anand is eyeing the foreign minister’s post. Sharma’s in-laws are an NRI family from Africa, his wife lives in London, and so Sharma spends a considerable amount of time there. Whenever he gets a change, he flies away to London. It is said that the PM is not very happy with this, but Sharma has full faith in 10, Janpath.

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