Terror has only one colour

February 26 2013

While the Congress-led UPA government’s flights of fancy were cut short due to the Hyderabad bomb blasts, and the big mouthed home minister’s words brought back pain for the nation, the blood of innocents only screamed aloud saying, “Shinde sahib, terror has no colour, not saffron or green. The motive of terror is only one – that to terrorise.” Working under the keen vigilance of the home minister, where were the eyes of investigative agencies when the wires of CCTV cameras at the blast site were cut four days before the blast and the agencies had no idea about it? Which means the Indian Mujahideen was working while our agencies were sleeping. There was not even a need to find out why the wires to the CCTV cameras had been cut.
It is common knowledge that bombs made by the IM contain ammonium nitrate and use timers, and the terrorist group targets the blast at about 6-7 pm in the evening. Also, the group targets those cities and places that it has recced in advance, which means there is more chance of the blast recurring in places where the blast has taken place before, too. It becomes imperative to ask the question why the agencies didn’t take these threats and information more seriously. Just four days below the blast the wires to the CCTV cameras is cut and no one knows about it. This indicates clearly that there was no one monitoring the cameras. So when there is no one keeping an eye on the security of the general public, the common man’s life is only in God’s hands.

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