A new organisation to deal with terrorism

February 20 2012

Combatting terrorism comes under the ambit of the Central government as well as making new laws to deal with it. The NCTC, that is, National Counter Terrorism Centre, has been designed along the lines of the NIA. It will work under the IB it has all the powers that come under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act. After the passing of this law, it becomes binding on the state governments to supply any information asked for by the NCTC. Any police officer of the state, be it the DIG or the IG, will have to work under the NCTC. The organisation will not need to seek permission from the state government to tap a phone or arrest anyone. In current law, even the CBI has to seek the state government’s permission for an investigation, which leads to news leaking at times. The formation of NCTC and the powers it will enjoy sit uneasy with non-Congress parties, especially the BJP, which has raised a hue and cry about it. These state governments say that the Centre did not even deem it fit to consult with them before making such a law and simply released a notification about it. Most state government actually suspect the intentions of the Central government.

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