Chidambaram, at what cost?

September 26 2011

Who knows what his thoughts are worth? Who knows what he really wants? But then it is the orders from the echelons of power and you have to heed to them with your head bowed – be it Rs 36 or Rs 26, we will have to content ourselves with it and try to douse the hunger pangs. Don’t dare question if it is possible, while they still manage to make light of Rs one lakh crore and even more. So for now Chidambaram will be saved, the Prime Minister who is in New York and the Rajmata in Delhi want it so. And who dare harm him when on September 16, on his birthday, posters of Chidambaram were pasted all over Chennai, depicting him as Krishna, albeit a bald one! He is also being touted as the future prime minister. And how long can one keep hoping against hope. When the Opposition attacks subside, the allegations on Chidambaram will vanish, and at such a time, he will be asked to beat it, never to return.

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