Varun Gandhi haunted by his own party

October 23 2016

Haunted by deafening silence he walked on being trapped in time wrap, still, he chose bittersweet moments finding a purpose of his life, that too at a time when the opinion polls are indicating that the Young Turk Varun Gandhi is one of the leading faces of saffron politics. Amidst this, the young Gandhi has conspired in a Honey Trap.
The stalwarts of the party must have heard the echoes of changing politics after the surgical strikes that stirred the nationalism. The leader of their own party is fighting for the rights of farmers. In the last 2.5 years Varun Gandhi helped debt-ridden farmers with the financial assistance of 18 crore. Interestingly, 1.5 crore were his own funds and 16.5 crore was collected by him as charity from local elites. In order to identify genuinely distressed farmers, he made some stringent rules. Mr. Gandhi then set up three indicators to select the crisis-hit farmers. These included farmers who had defaulted on their loan-repayment, whose crops had been destroyed in a row of three crop cycles and those who has no fixed assets.
In the sequel, 3662 farmers have been freed from debt. Varun’s team noticed that 15 per cent of farmers who were freed from debt are again in the trap. Varun decided that there should be an apposite policy.
This is why he decided to make a website that will contain details of such farmers. This site will be connected to the affluents. After touring more than 20 districts in UP Varun analysed that most of the farmers are burdened with a loan of Rs 30,000 to 1.5 lakh. These details were taken from local banks and after investigation a list of beneficiaries was prepared. Consequently, Varun rolled on his mission of providing house to the needy. Up til now, he has successfully built more than 100 such houses. Let us all wear mirrors to see our real selves. Has anyone ever seen their soul?

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