Indian Paisa Loot

May 05 2010

In IPL or `Indian Paisa Loot’ there is a lot else apart from cricket that is played out. The civilised people can call it fixing in cricket parlance. So when Shashi Tharoor, who was busy trying to get the Kochi franchise for his people, contacted Sharad Pawar camp, he was told that since reserve price is going to be 225 million dollars so you bid 250 million dollars because Pawar camp was busy trying to help out the Videocon and Adani Group. Everyone knew which close relative of Pawar
had the 25 percent sweat equity in Videocon. The clever Tharoor got his franchise friends to bid for 333 million dollars and bagged the deal. Then a worried Pawar camp applied pressure on Modi that he change the packets for the bids. Modi went out of the meeting and on coming out he narrated the matter to BCCI president Shashank Manohar. Seeing the matters slipping out of hand, the Pawar camp summoned the Rendezvous franchise and told them to take a 50 million dollar profit
and leave the Kochi team or be prepared to bear the consequences.

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