Why at loggerheads with Ashwani?

May 07 2013

Exasperated with Law Minister Ashwani Kumar’s style of working and stubborn nature, Uday Lalit has also refused to become the additional solicitor general and told the law minister, “Sir, we won’t get along.” What happened to the solicitor General Rohinton Nariman and later Haren Rawal is for anyone to see. Nariman had a showdown with Ashwani Kumar regarding the Jagan Mohan Reddy matter. Ashwani wanted to send Nariman to Hyderabad with an order saying, “You know I am your appointing authority.” Angry with Ashwani pulling rank like that, Nariman wrote down his resignation on a plain piece of paper and said, “Now you are not my appointing authority.” So now Ashwani Kumar is on the lookout for an additional solicitor general.

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