Not all’s well in Arunachal

November 06 2011

It is believed that the sudden decision of a change of guard in Arunachal Pradesh came from 10, Janpath itself. In the northeast, it is only the two states of Arunachal and Assam where apart from Christians, other religious groups are in large numbers. The Sangh is also pretty active in the two states and balancing it out are active Christian missionaries. Arunachal shared boundary with China and there are a large number of Buddhists here. In the two districts of Tirap and Changlang of Arunachal, the Naga group is pretty active, where it is often claimed that the group pressurises others to convert, that is, it directly benefits the Christian missionaries. The former Chief Minister of Arunachal Jarbom Gamlin had become pretty strict on the Nagas and the Christian missionaries were obviously upset with him. So the baton was handed over to Nabam Tuki of Nayishi community on Sonia’s directions. It is worth mentioning that Tuki has unshaking faith in Christianity there were a lot of prayers offered in churches to make him the chief minister. The prayers must have reached God, because that is why madam heard them.

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