Anna upset with Arvind

December 20 2012

Anna Hazare is currently extremely miffed with his beloved Arvind Kejriwal and in keeping with his simple, honest and frank image, Anna didn’t think anything of making his emotions public. Because of his anger with Kejriwal, he called the man greedy for power and money. Reasons for the same are now coming to light. Reliable sources close to Team Anna say Arvind not only took away all the money got as donation, but also the data base of list of donors, contributors and volunteers, which was gathered by India Against Corruption movement. Anna had let his grievance be known to Kejriwal, but the latter kept dilly-dallying on giving him the data. It is believed that this the reason behind Anna’s bad mood and he has announced that he will not campaign for Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party during the Lok Sabha elections.

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