It was America that laid the trap

July 02 2012

To bring 26/11 to fruition, Pakistani terrorists and their mentors used satellite phones. It was only the American agencies that could catch hold of a sample of every voice feed from the satellite phone. When the machinery of American agencies suspected Abu and his intentions, his phones were tapped and when his voice sample was matched with that of a voice from the 26/11 satellite phone, they found a match and the agencies were sure he had been involved in the 26/11 terrorist attack. When they found a voice match, the American agencies asked RAW for DNA samples of Abu. Because the laws in American courts are so strict, the country decided that instead of bringing Abu to the US, he should be deported straight to India, because of his citizenship. Thus, it was the American officials put him on a plane to India so that a case could be lodged against him under the Indian Penal Code.

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