A long distance

October 16 2011

Advani’s rath has been made in Pune and Prakash Javdekar has played a crucial role in the same. The rath has two generators, a great sound system and a lift as well. The doors are hydraulic and close automatically the minute the rath starts to move. Things went bad in the beginning when the exhaust fans in the rath broke. The minute the fans broke, the fumes from the generator started to go into the air-conditioner duct. The fumes then started to fill the cabin. The fumes rose to such alarming levels that the carbon monoxide in the fumes started to choke the people. Jaitley, who was sleeping there, lost consciousness. C P Thakur took ill and started throwing up. And the doors in the rath just wouldn’t open because they would open only when it stopped and Advani didn’t want the rath to stop and his yatra disturbed. But when things became too much, the rath was made to stop. The doors opened and people managed to come outside. Some people were moving forward making way for the rath but had come some distance far. They were called back since no other vehicle was traveling with the rath. A team of doctors was summoned and a cardiologist advised Jaitley not to travel at night. Sushma’s BP (135/80) and oxygen level (97) was normal. C P Thakur was given first aid and other leaders were taken away in other cars. When the rath traveled some more, it had a bumpy ride in Ara, and when it couldn’t maneuver the slope, its tyres were deflated, punctures treated and put back on. But Advani’s excitement level was still going strong.

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