Anna’s troupe’s horoscopes

April 23 2011

A lot is happening against Anna’s troupe in the political corridors, where Justice Sawant’s report is a thorn in Anna’s side. (Anna was pronounced guilty in a defamation case, but the state government later pardoned him), There are documents against Shanti Bhushan regarding the Anand Vihar robbery, a case against land in Allahabad, while there is a matter against Prashant Bhushan owning a house in Palampur, a file against Kiran Bedi by Mizoram’s IB, because of which she couldn’t become the police commissioner as well as her daughter’s admission into a medical college. Against Swami Agnivesh there are letters by donor agencies against him, which have been distributed by Kailash Satyarthi. When Arvind Kejriwal was in the revenue services, there are documents about his deportment proceedings and documents about Santosh Hegde’s father’s trust, which also runs a medical college. All in all, there’s a lot flying around in Delhi, you just need to sniff it out.

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