Anna’s dreams….

April 17 2011

“… Kitni sadiyon ka qatl hota hai ek lamhe ki badgumani se…” Has the US realized that Manmohan Singh won’t do anymore and so just like Musharraf, there’s a need to remove Singh, too. Was it a mere coincidence that the NGOs supporting Anna Hazare are funded by the West? All the TV channels that were trying to outdo each other with the movement have some American tag or the other attached to them – CNN, Fox, Reuters, or someone else. Are there plans to organize a rally at Kashmir’s Lal Chowk? Does the US have the same views about Kashmir that it did about Serbia? No matter how much a free Kashmir benefits the US agenda, India’s united and sovereign image is sure to take a beating. Sonia is not on the American focus from any angle, but will a mere change in prime ministership be the end of our woes?

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