Dress code

June 28 2010

Wherever BJP President Nitish Gadkari goes, he never forgets to take along his kurta pajamas. This time when he arrived in Patna to address a rally, he came out of the Maurya hotel flaunting olive green trousers matched with a light green shirt. BJP leader and a minister in the Nitish Kumar government, Ashwini Chaubey approached Gadkari and in a melodramatic voice remarked, “You look nothing less than a movie star.” Someone from behind quipped, “Yes, south Indian movie star Mammotty.” By then the rest of the politicians in the state had gathered around him and everyone was unanimous on the decision that Gadkari should address the rally not in the shirt and trousers he was donning, but in crisp white kurta pajamas. A shocked Gadkari remarked that there was no way for the same since he hadn’t brought along his kurta pajamas! Two politicians were sent to the local Frasier Road market and brought back two pairs of whit kurta pajamas. It was only after wearing it that Gadkari was presented before the people to address the rally. He will probably never forget his kurta pajamas again.

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