Advising Advani

September 06 2009

The Sangh’s worries over Advani are increasing by the day. Before the introspection meeting, the Sangh had with great humility advised Advani that he should pave the way for the youth to come forward in the party and that he should also allow the young leadership to thrive. Or, the Sangh had made clear its view that it wanted Advani to move out, vacate the post of Leader of Opposition and of the party leader. But when Advani did not budge, the Sangh had to go on the back foot and issue a statement that `we do not interfere in BJP’. This when members of the Sangh have been advising Advani for a long time that he should like Sonia Gandhi only remain the chairman of the Parlimentary Board. Earlier Atal too had followed this tradition and he had not become Leader of Opposition. But Advani remains a tough nut to crack and insists that if Atal’s health had permitted then he too would have become Leader of Opposition.

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