Advani’s not in demand

October 19 2010

Among the campaigners for Bihar elections, Advani’s name is on the top, followed by Gadkari’s. But no BJP member is ready to get the crowds chanting for a rally in their names. The reason – they are not crowd pullers. Rajnath Singh, who is not keeping well after being down with dengue after his return from the US, is not in demand either. Reading the pulse of the times, Advani has now announced that he may not be able to go to Bihar a lot of the first phase of campaigning. Narendra Modi and Varun Gandhi were the two most in demand but realizing Nitish’s displeasure with these names, the BJP scrapped their names. From those among the list who are most in demand is Sushma Swaraj, what with her oratory skills and moderate views.

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