Advani’s lofty ambitions

May 18 2010

Despite facing a lakh political setbacks, Advani’s optimism is such that it refuses to go. Even after the mauling that BJP got in the last Lok Sabha elections, Advani’s unfulfilled ambition of becoming Prime Minister is still alive. There is a leader close to Advani, who also does a bit of fortune telling, and a few days ago he told Advani that it appears from a reading of the constellation and stars that the Manmohan Singh Government would fall within a year and the country would be pushed into a mid-term poll and in these elections BJP under the leadership of Advani would along with its alliance partners be in a position to form the Government. So when Advani’s ambitions got new wings, the Sangh also got alerted and in a haste it made the announcement that Narendra Modi would be the next prime ministerial candidate of BJP. Surely, this was a successful move of the Sangh to hurt Advani.

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