Who’s the next President?

April 29 2012

On the other hand, BJP heavyweight Jaswant Singh is restless to become the President. The party may not have circulated his name for the post, but he is meeting the leaders of other parties and lobbying for himself. A few days ago, Jaswant Singh went and met SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav and asked for his support, too. Vice-president Hamid Ansari, Central Minister Faroukh Abdullah and Dr Karan Singh are nurturing the same thoughts. Pranab Mukherji is patiently waiting for his turn and knows that the Left and Mamata Banerjee will not oppose his name. He also has somewhat nice relations with the BJP and it seems he has in a strong position as of now. Mamata Banerjee had floated former West Bengal Governor Gopal Gandhi’s name but doesn’t look like it will work. Gopal Gandhi is a former IAS officer and a secretary to former President R Venkat Raman. It may not be so easy for a secretary to become President. At such a time if Mulayam Singh proposes APJ Abdul Kalam’s name, the entire NDA coalition in the Opposition may have to toe the line in favour of his name and in any case, India can’t get a better President.

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