If you want to learn politics

April 03 2011

If someone wants to learn politics, he should do it from the Gandhi family – how both mother and son take every step in a measured and calculated way. The Congress has been successful in conveying the message that while Sonia is for the UPA, Rahul is for the Congress. Sonia is heading to West Bengal and so is the prime minister. Both of them will address the joint rally by Trinamool and Congress. The rally will start from north Bengal. Rahul, too, is visiting the area but instead of the joint rally, he will campaign for only the Congress contestants. Clearly, this will please that segment of Wes t Bengal Congress that is in favour of “Aekla chalo re” instead of the coalition with the Trinamool. The state Congress President Manas Bhuiyan is also of the same thinking, while Pranab Mukherjee is singing paeans to the party’s friendship with Mamata Banerjee.

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