The stories from under the surface

November 24 2013

When it comes to politics, journalism and judiciary, morals and uprightness are mere words. Otherwise why would incidents,showing something quite on the contrary, be coming to light every other day? It is believed that one of the most famous surgeons flies to Tashkent on a private jet every week, looking for Russian lovelies. Politicians and industrialists are always in a line to jump in the chartered flight. Several prominent ministers from the Congress government in the centre may be seen at a famous industrialist’s farmhouse in Gujarat, all in different poses. A prominent Congress leader from the area in Chattisgarh that is at the Madhya Pradesh border invests benami money in regional movies. Even the shooting of the movies happens at his farmhouse and Mr Politician is pretty interested in the actresses who star in the movie. A young industrialist’s Page 3 wife has allegedly had liaisons with several political leaders and is currently close to one all-powerful son-in-law. Photographs of the both of them have appeared in several magazines and newspapers. There is no dearth of such people and incidents, be it the Opposition or the government.

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