Why is Vasundhara in trouble?

June 21 2015

Unaware of being called out, friendship lies unconscious, in an overflowing gutter right under power’s awning. Dawn may flutter its colourful wings and announce the birth of a new morning, but it may not be able to identify a few faces that are still lost in yesterday. Before 2013, Lalit Modi and Vasundhara Raje had the same relationship of morning and light; today, there is a chess game being played out in their relations. Portugal’s Bio Medical Research Organisation, because of which Sushma and Lalit Modi’s case came into limelight, was actually discovered by Vasundhara. Lalit Modi’s wife Meenal was suffering from cancer and she had been operated upon several times. At that time, it was Vasundhara who suggested this research centre’s name in Lisbon for Lalit Modi’s wife’s treatment and even took them there. She got her admitted there and spared no effort to take care of Meenal. She brought Lalit Modi’s wife to the centre twice for treatment and Meenal also benefited from it. Vasundhara was so impressed with this that she wanted to bring it to Rajasthan so that others could benefit from it, too. She was successful in doing it, and 35,000 meters of land in Pratap Nagar in Jaipur has been allotted for Champalimaud Foundation, under which the research centre functions. But swords were drawn between Vasundhara and Lalit during the Rajasthan Assembly elections in 2013, the reason being that Lalit had asked for tickets for some of his people, and Vasundhara refused to do it. Lalit Modi had allegedly given a warning to Vasundhara at that time, saying he had such documents in his possession, which if revealed might adversely affect her political career.

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