RaGa’s Oxford Venture

March 28 2017

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi seems really worried about how to usher in his much needed image makeover. Though he was licked in the state polls in UP, he is now determined to emerge at the international level as a high class intellectual. And he and his personal office are fully engaged in that effort. People deep inside reveal that led by Sashi Tharoor, RaGa’s office is in constant touch with the Oxford University. They want that Rahul should be invited to deliver a lecture over there. Though Rahul’s alma mater is Cambridge Univ, there is no disputing that when it comes to catching global political attention, there is no replacement for Oxford, which is why the constant interaction with the Oxford Union. Our sources say that Tharoor and the secretary of the Union have even had a one-to-one meeting. But scuttlebutt is that the other members of the Union are not too hot on inviting Rahul. They feel that RaGa’s smeared social media image is not right for him to be invited. Besides, they also apprehend that inviting him may not go down well with the university’s students either. Naturally, the authorities want to very sure of what they want to do. Given these circumstances, two top Indian British billionaires, Sir Swaraj Paul and the Hinduja brothers, had been requested to persuade the caucus at Oxford to organise the lecture. But it seems the two – who have given huge funds to Oxford in the past – have not exactly shown any exciting response.

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