Cong top guns at 11 Ashok Road

April 24 2017

Now, don’t be surprised… don’t suck in a lung full of hot air and turn your lips into a perfect ‘O’! Kamal Nath, one of the tallest Congress leaders might just be joining the Bharatiya Janata Party. And it is not just he.
The birds in the lawns of 11 Ashok Road are now singing aloud. It is no longer a case of some small-time Delhi party leaders like Arvinder Singh Lovely or Barkha Singh joining the Khakiwallahs. It seems many Congress giants are conducting hectic parleys to get into the saffron outfit. That includes Kamal Nath, Narayan Rane and even BK Hari Prasad!
Apparently, Nath has been terribly upset that he has less say in Madhya Pradesh’s party command than the Young Turk Jyotiraditya Scindia. In any case the party has been badly fractured in the state for some time now.
Scuttlebutt is that BJP MP from Saharanpur Raghav Lakhanpal has been softening the ground for Kamal Nath’s entry. Lakhanpal also happens to be a close family relative of Nath. Lakhnpal is said to have established Kamal Nath’s direct contact with BJP supremo Amit Shah through a Maharashtra top gun Parliamentarian.
So what’s the delay? Well, people in the know say that Kamal Nath’s fans want him to get a Rajya Sabha seat and a ministerial role to play, which some BJP seniors are finding difficult to gulp.
About Narayan Rane, grapevine is that he has for long established a hotline with the BJP high command and it is the right timing for his entry that is being calculated.
The biggest surprise, though, is BK Hari Prasad, a kitchen garden of the Sonia coterie, waiting in the queue to join BJP. The debate is what will the Congress biggies bring to the BJP table.
I rest my case by writing that if the captains of Congress are jumping off the sinking ship, then the smaller mice will follow suit, naturally!

  1. kumaravel Says:

    It is not a surprising news. Most of the Indian Politicians/public irrespect of any political party are willing/wishing to join BJP. Except BJP no any other policial party in INDIA can do the welfare/Nation’s Interest. Every Indian/World is came to know with the past/present experience . IMF announced that INDIA is the fast growing nation in the world. Also the Present our India’s Prime Minister and his team is very amazing. JAI HIND.

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