Dada’s case and his briefcase

July 15 2012

Dada is doing all that it takes to stake claim over Raisina Hills. And clearly, time teaches you a number of tricks. Dada, who is known for his political management, is more caught up with the numbers game. So he is touring around collecting support for Presidential elections and is not shying away from meeting the satraps of smaller parties. For instance, this time while returning from Ranchi, he claimed to be able to take the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha from the NDA and asked for his favourite briefcase on the flight and took out a list of Electerol College and wrote some numbers on the margin in his diary and smiled to himself. Sources reveal that this is nothing new and does the same everytime he visits states outside of Delhi. Dada knows very well that to get to Raisina Hills, the numbers game will be more important than requesting for support.

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