Cold storage for a burning issue

December 23 2009

It was when Pranab Mukherjee was away to Jharkhand for the election campaign and he was busy preparing a strong message for the Maoists that the much talked about statement of the Home Minister came on Telangana. And simultaneously, the soft stand of the Congress on the issue of Telangana also came forward. This really annoyed Dada. Though Chidambaram tried to give an explanation to Dada over the phone, but it did not lessen his anger in any way. When he returned to Delhi, Sonia called him and told him to find an acceptable solution to the Telangana issue. Then Dada called a meeting of the alliance partners of UPA. And in that meeting, this issue was put to consideration. So in the days to come, there is a plan to put the issue of Telangana in a cold storage. The Congress has already suffered the damage it had to.

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