Advani camp refuses to lie low

July 29 2013

Despite the recent political rebuffs, the Advani camp refuses to stay quiet. It is busy trying to garner support against Modi within and outside the party. The Advani camp has a clear motive that in the ongoing political strife, it will not give in easily against Modi. Advani’s biggest loyalist and Opposition Leader in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj even let her intentions be known publicly at the BJP’s Working Committee meeting in Goa. Thereafter, Advani’s close friend Shatrughn Sinha’s quote appeared, saying that the 2014 Lok Sabha elections much be contested under Advani. Now lesser known leaders from the Advani camp may give their opinions. Then Yashwant Sinha may speak out against Modi. And in the end, Jaswant Singh from the Atal era may make his stance known. But for now, both Modi and Rajnath seem oblivious of the idea.

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