A few cheeky ones from China

January 03 2011

Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao came to India with a large entourage, but left behind several unanswered questions. Indian leaders have assured the Chinese prime minister that the two countries may differ in their viewpoints where internal matters are concerned but shared the same wavelength where foreign policy was concerned. India also told China that is has few friends in the county and the quality of products it sends to India is poor. India also wanted an assurance from the Chinese minister that they be assured that China is not India’s enemy and that goodwill can be introduced and nurtured in the common man. When Opposition party leader in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj met the prime minister, she asked point blank what the country’s views on terrorism were. “We are neutral,” said the PM. To this, Swaraj asked him how the country could remain neutral when it was surrounded by two countries, one that was a victim of terrorism and the other that encouraged it. And would that mean that they support terrorism. The Chinese PM had no answer to that.

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