All about the 5-25

January 11 2012

Once the right hand man of Behenji, ever since Babu Singh Kushwaha has embraced saffron politics, there has been a storm of sorts in the BJP. The party was banking on cashing in on the Anna effect in the UP elections but its hopes have been dashed. Within the party, questions are being raised on the loyalty of Gadkari and Rajnath and the party is openly calling it the “5-25 ka chakkar”. Talking about cleanliness and transparency in politics, the Sangh has been quiet through it all, which has left several surprised. In hushed tones, the saffron ranks have been talking whether the Sangh Parivar may be the beneficiaries of the 5-25. When a worried Advani called up Gadkari asking how he could even think of taking Kushwaha in the party, Gadkari remarked, “If we hadn’t taken him, the BSP and Congress were ready to take him in for a long time.” Gadkari is sure that getting Kushwaha within the party will bring votes from the schedules castes and whoever has joined hands with Gadkari is a bonus.

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