Of friends and foes

August 27 2009

All is not well in BJP and despite this Shatrughan Sinha has opened a new front in BJP which can increase the party’s problems. Shatru is demanding that the party bring his wife Poonam Sinha to the Rajya Sabha in 2010. Shatru is saying that if the party would dilly dally in giving Rajya Sabha to his wife from Bihar then there are several other parties, like JD(U), which are eager to send Poonam to the Upper House. Shatru’g other demand is that the party should project Yashwant Sinha its next chief ministerial candidate in Jharkhand and Shatru’s third demand is that he should be nominated as a national general secretary by the party. Look at BJP’s dilemma, it is having to deal with a friend and foe at the same go.

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