The fixing game in Uttarakhand

January 14 2012

It looks like the biggies from Congress and the BJP have had a pact of sorts with each other – you scratch my back, I will scratch yours. That is why no prominent leader from one party wants a face-off with another big leader from the opposing party. The surprising big it that these same politicians were, at some point, pushing themselves for the chief minister’s post. For instance, prominent Congress leader Harak Singh Rawat, had his usual seat was from Landsdowne. But since Uttarakhand Raksha Morcha has placed its candidate TPS Rawat there, Harak Singh has moved on to Doiwala, but Nishank also decided to contest from there. Now Rawat didn’t want a face-off with Nishank either, and so quietly made a line for Rudraprayag. What is also interesting to note here is that the candidate BJP has put opposite Rawat is Matbar Singh Kandari, a relative of Harak Singh. Kandari is married to Rawat’s sister. Similarly, the Congress has placed a weak leader opposite BJP Chief Minister Bhuvanchand Khanduri in Kotdwar. It is being said that Satpal Maharaj’s wife Amrita Rawat came to Ramnagar on being asked by the BJP. Yashpal Arya’s entry into Bajpur is also a tell-tale proof of the same.

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