Yours, But Not Sincerely

August 13 2018

The seeds of socialism, journalism and rebellion have sprouted simultaneously inside Rajya Sabha deputy speaker Harivansh Narayan Singh. The ruling party was shocked when this newly appointed deputy speaker, citing the rule book, on his very first day held a voting on the Private Member Bill.
Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, while lodging a strong objection, said that there never has been a tradition of voting on Private Member Bill. Traditionally, the government is only made aware of it, and then the proposal is taken back.
But Harivansh clarified that there is no such provision of stopping the voting once declared.
This verdict of Harivansh had the Opposition smiling ear-to-ear, while on the other hand, the government was doubting its own decision and representative.
It was as though Harivansh was signaling that he is with the government but not theirs entirely.

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