Yadav Vs Yadav

July 16 2018

Bihar is a land of surprises. Just as opposition enthusiasm over a united front is peaking in the state, the unseemly internecine feud between the two sons of the chief architect of that enthusiasm, Lalu Prasad, has emerged as a major controversy. So vile has the feud become that Lalu, undergoing treatment in a Mumbai hospital, had to hop on to a flight back home to damage control. Deeply peeved by the sudden rise of younger brother Tejashwi Yadav, the elder sibling Tej Pratap went public with his ire, informing party officials of his hurt that he is not being treated properly. This happened on July 5, and just as Tej was singing out his hurt, Tejashwi stood up and asked him to keep his speech short and behave as a senior-most party leader. Having said so, Tejashwi left the meeting in a huff. Then, started the musical chair. Lalu rushed back to Patna, but instead of meeting his father, Tejashwi went off to Delhi. Tej too went off on a sudden tour of the homes of Mahadalits in his constituency, Vaishali. He helped a Dalit farmer chop the fodder, had sattu at another’s house, and called up a senior official on his speaker phone and asked about his wellbeing. Since his recent wedding with Aishwarya Roy, Tej is seen keen for an image makeover. He now moves around with a group of pliant scribes and gets positive stories planted about himself. And he does not spare to rebuke younger brother Tejashwi as well.

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