Worked Out Well for JD(U)

August 13 2018

Keeping in mind the upcoming General Elections 2019, the BJP is very cautious with its remaining allies. The BJP had earlier decided to field its own candidate for Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker poll. But then sensing the political scenario, PM Modi decided that giving this opportunity to one of the allies will not only change the mood of the politics but might also work as an ‘antidote’ to the Opposition’s ‘Grand Alliance’.
So the first opportunity was given to Akali Dal. The party put forth the name of Naresh Gujral, who is believed to be amongst the close aids of Arun Jaitley and probably the reason why his name was rejected. BJP wanted Akali Dal to nominate a Sikh candidate.
Souces tell that to this Juniour replied saying that his party does not have anymore worthy candidates for the post because neither they speak proper Hindi nor are fluent in English.
And so things worked out well in favour of JD(U).

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