Why Ramlal had to leave?

July 29 2019

Right from 2016, there were rumors that Ramlal might be called back in RSS. In 2017, he even sent a letter to Narendra Modi and Amit Shah to make him free from his position in BJP citing age factors. But, despite that, he wasn’t relieved from his post. He has been holding the position of General Secretary in the BJP since 2006. But now, what has triggered his exit is still a mystery. However, the word doing the rounds in the political spectrum is that a few days back, Ramlal’s niece had married her Muslim boyfriend and out of sheer delight, Ramlal threw two reception parties at two different locations. This seems to have not gone well with BJP and RSS. People also accuse him of making massive money during his tenure. Hailing from a small house in Meerut, Ramlal was optimistic that Sangh would be welcoming him back in the group by offering him a key position. But, he has been made a co-convenor of all-India public relations. With this post in RSS, all the excitement of Ramlal has just faded away.

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