Why did the Shiv-Sena got into a tussle with BJP?

December 06 2019

The Shiv Sena was hell-bent on a 50-50 power sharing formula with the BJP. It is said that when the division of seats was being done, Uddhav had kept a condition in front of Amit Shah and Shah had, allegedly, agreed on 50-50 power sharing formula. BJP strategists believed that Shiv Sena will loose most of its seats and the formula would be a thing of the past then. But in the results, Shiv Sena garnered more seats that earlier thought of and since then the Shiv Sena started demanding action on the 50-50 formula and included in their demands that Fadnavis was not acceptable to them as the CM. moreover, Sena MPs had started saying that the BJP does not treat them like a alliance party as their behaviour with JDU in Bihar is completely different than that with the Sena. Further Sena leaders had to wait for long if they had to meet BJP’s top leadership. The relations soured from here.

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