Why Bhagwat was forced to come on twitter.

July 08 2019

Though Sangh has entered its 95th year but it has no wrinkles of its age on the face , it is in fact working to present a new face.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is working towards this and is working to give the organization a progressive and youthful face in coming days.

Trusted sources from Sangh inform that Bhagwat has many times while making speeches said that youth have become disenchanted from shakahas”. Therefore how the thinking of Sangh becomes polished, modern and scientific , Bhagwat has already spken his thoughs about this.

Sangh had misconception about social media specially twitter and facebook but when Bhagwat felt that without getting associated with social media it cannot get connected with youth then one fine day he suddenly decided to come on twitter along with his 6 associates. Instantly he reached to the level of more than 12 thousand followers. Along with Bhagwat, Sangh ideologues like Bhaiyaji Joshi, Krishna Gopal and Suresh Saini also opened their accounts on twitter. Though the official handle of Sangh was already there but Bhagwat had always been suspicious of presence and use of social media . He had even raised his disagreement about growing culture of social media while speaking before editors of sangh ‘s Panchyajanya and organizer.

As per Bhagwat, social media was encouraging the selfish thought of “I , me and Myself”. The people were trying to impose their own thoughts on others . But it now seems that Sangh Chief has to now accept the growing power of internet revolution. There are more than 13 lakh followers on Sangh;’s twitter handle and more than 53 lakh likes on its facebook page.

At a time when more than 32 crore people across the country are making use of twitter every month, How can Sangh cannot take risk of ignoring it.

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