Who’s The Santa At Khurshid’s Party?

December 27 2018

Each year on the occasion of Christmas, Salman Khurshid throws a party. In the party Salman’s journalist friends, fellow politicians, close friends, foreign diplomats and a few bureaucrats are the invitees.
This time the party was thrown at Selja Kumari’s residence. The party was on one hand graced by familiar faces like Ahmed Patel, Ambika Soni, Rajeev Shukla, Sheila Dikshit, and of course Selja, on the other Nalin Kohli of the BJP could also be seen there.
But the two prominent faces that were the surprise package of the evening were Farooq Abdullah of the National Conference party and Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Rajmohan Gandhi. Abdullah, in fact, was all ‘Santa’ suited-up in red clothes.
The guests were congratulating Salman on the splendid victory of the Congress in the recently concluded five-state assembly polls. To this Salman was humbly responding, saying that the party should be congratulated and not him.
Anyhow Khurshid was nowhere to be seen during the campaigning of these polls.

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