Who’s The Real Chanakya?

December 27 2018

Back in those days when the screening process of BJP candidates in Rajasthan was at its peak, in one such meeting Vasundhara Raje and party president Amit Shah crossed swords.
So the scoop is Raje claimed to have a good knowledge of the seats in the state having toured around the entire state at least four times. As per that she had prepared a list of worthy candidates which she tried to get through Shah.
The word is, Shah sided the list without even giving it a second’s glance. He instead tried handing over a list he had prepped in which, according to the four surveys he had conducted, three candidates per seat were suggested on priority basis. He asked Raje to consider his list and then hold a discussion over the suggested names for finalisation.
The cuckoos coo that the list was torn into pieces by a furious Raje. When the temperature of the meet soared high, a formula was introduced to put the issue aside. As per the formula, 80 seats were given to Raje while the rest 120 were Shah’s to decide the candidates.
If sources are to be believed, when the polls results came, 62 out of Raje’s 80 trumped the elections whilst a mere 11 out of Shah’s 120 could prove their worth.

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