Who’s Scared of Gandhis!

May 27 2018

Once fears are shed, even the dumb start speaking. There was a time when the Gandhi family’s fist ruled the Congress. But the political drama in Karnataka has given lips to so long silent players. The Congress leader on the ground who saved the day for the party, DK Shivakumar is doing some plain talking with the high command. When at the end of the day Rahul thumped his back for keeping the flock together, Shivakumar asked for Rahul’s personal mobile number so that he could directly talk to the party prez. Rahul gave him one number and said: “Whenever you need to talk to me just give a missed call on this number and I shall call you back from another number because both our numbers are on surveillance. Shivakumar then suggested that to reward his efforts, he should be made the Deputy Chief Minister in Karnataka. Rahul asked him for a bit of time and then flew back to Delhi.

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